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About the shaman

Darryl Guy


There are times in our lives that despite our best efforts life gets out of balance.

One of the quickest ways to regain that balance is to have a session with a Shamanic Healer – within one session it is possible to feel a great shift emotionally and have a  sense of well-being return.

This allows YOU to be empowered and to move forward with ease.



As an international shaman and healer, Darryl has for over 30 years had the honor and privilege to sit and learn from some of the world’s leading elders, shamen, medicine men, and women from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA, Tibet, Peru & Uruguay. He has a unique skill set that allows his work to vary and adapt to client needs when necessary or needed.

Darryl’s work includes;

 Spirit extraction, Exorcism, Energetic Alignment, Working with Hara, the Seat of the Soul, and Core Star. He works as a psychopomp (guiding of souls) and clears spaces (residential and business.) of negative or heavy energy or unwanted spirits, entities, and souls who have not passed over.

With a strong sense for healing he works with Soul Retrieval, Deeper psychological work with SoulFlight, Spiritual Counseling, and Healing in one-to-one sessions.

Having trained in plant ceremonies with San Pedro cactus and Mushrooms he leads ceremonies in countries where they are legal.

From 2018 to 2022 he worked with the Taita Inti team in Ayahuasca and plant medicine retreats as well as co-leading two-week and month-long dieta retreats 


Since 2015 he has developed workshops that provide instruction to learn practical techniques for self-maintenance (Back to the body) and bringing one’s body intelligence to the forefront (Resonant Life). He has also worked in a Master’s program with the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts since 2017.

He is dedicated to this work and has a strong intent to help those who would like to regain the quality of life that may be lost or missing