At times buildings or just rooms may seem heavy, or dull or even dark. Dwellings build up energy. For example if an argument has occurred in a room the occupants leave they may begin to feel ok. Then if they return the unbalanced feelings come back. This is because the energy from the argument has been “splashed” everywhere. The occupants may leave the room but the argument stays. Energy can build up and make rooms or sometimes homes feel heavy or even depressed. At times people feel they have a ghost in the home or that they are being watched or there is an unpleasant sensation or unusual activity that cannot be logically explained. In some instances these energies do not let sleep come easily or even at all.

These issues can be resolved easily and effectively with my services so the space becomes lighter and more habitable.Cusco 051

Alternative ways that help keep life from being overwhelming and that can bring stability, peace and a real support for personal growth.