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Distance Healing Sessions

240 euro

(client covers any conversion costs with international transfer)

session duration 90 mins

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  Shamanic work is renowned for being done over distance and for being as effective as in person. These are video chats done over Skype or Messenger.

  Darryl will explain how this is possible using the model of the three worlds of the shaman.

  These sessions are structured in the same format as an in-clinic session.

  After a brief consultation, Darryl will begin working to clear and balance the energetic bodies (chakra system) back into alignment and get things to flow again.

  The next step is to straighten the 5th dimensional Hara line and to clear the Seat of the Soul space that sits between the chin and the chest. After that, he begins to brighten the client’s Core Star which connects to the essence of creation and provides a sense of inner contentment.

  Next is focused work on the organs and body systems including the nervous (sympathetic and parasympathetic), limbic system, lymphatic system, and endocrine system is addressed.

  This work will set the rest of the session in good order.

  Working with his Master plant ally San Pedro the next step is working with the tools he has been given by Pedro. This healing is a strong part of the session that takes away heaviness and replaces it with a strong calming energy. It re-aligns and resets the body, heart, and mind.

  Any extraction or banishment that may be required is performed.

  Deeper issues are then addressed so that the root causes of issues are accessed and able to be released in a safe and calm manner. This is done with my SoulFlight journey work. 

  All changes will then take root and be sealed in so that the desired quality of life improves.

   Any counseling or advice from Spirit is communicated and if the client needs any plant medicines then information on what and how to access the required plants is shared. 

  There will be a definite change taking place that is instantly noticed.

  An added component to this session is a card reading upon request when making the booking.

(an extra 50 euro for the added time)

  This is not Tarot and offers a great overview of where you are coming from to where you are headed. It also offers insight into your greatest challenges and best outcomes with the best strengths you have for achievement.

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