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Resonant Life

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Resonant Life, frequently asked questions

How do I live a Resonant Life?

Just as a floating iceberg we are mostly only aware of a small proportion energetically of what is there. To live a Resonant Life is to have a greater conscious connection to ourselves and to the environment around us. To live life not on the hamster wheel of constant thoughts, questions, and doubts or on the roller coaster of emotions but in a rich and direct experience of life.

How does the program work?

With video lessons of actionable teachings and written information each part of the course will build upon the previous part and so laid out that the information transforms from concept to experience.

What are actionable teachings?

It has always been my personal belief that if I am unable to practically apply my knowledge then it is useless to my life. From this point of view each teaching has a practical component that can be accessed anytime in any situation. Doing that becomes a personal experience.

Does Resonant Life work for everyone?

We are all at different stages of consciousness evolution. Yet every human being has the same energetic structure that Resonant Life is based upon. It does not matter whether a person is a beginner to inner work, Resonant Life is accessible for everyone and applicable with everyone.

Is Resonant Life a spiritual practice?

The teachings of Resonant Life are based on the energetic mechanisms of the human form. These are the physics of being. There is no belief needed in a greater or higher being, only an open mind willing to experience the human form and life in a different way. spiritual people may find Resonant Life enhances their practices without overriding or negating the teachings of their belief.

What is self-empowerment?

To find an inner strength that can change how we react to the challenges of life is the main goal of this course. This results in a fuller understanding of ourselves in relation to others as well as our environment providing a foundation of a strength within us that way may never have experienced or felt to have.

Does Resonant Life differ from other
self-help teachings?

With Resonant Life there is an intent to discover the seemingly hidden aspects of human form and experience. It is not about abstract concepts that may be difficult to understand in daily life. With the simple yet effective actionable teachings there is an opportunity for direct experience in every potential situation of living our lives.

How long does the teaching last for?

The course may take a few months to undertake yet the teachings can continue to be experienced one’s whole lifetime. Just as in any change an individual makes the results are up to how much each individual makes effort.

Is this a monthly subscription service?

Resonant life is a monthly subscription service for the duration of the course. A full package can be obtained as a one off payment also.

What is the mission of Resonant Life?

The mission of Resonant Life is to bring a conscious awareness to humanity about the hidden energetics of the human form. Based upon knowledge that seems lost or only accessed in the esoteric world or the eastern traditions, Resonant Life aims to quench the current thirst for wholeness and connection to life. Through the easy to incorperate system Resonant Life helps the soul to flourish in a life fully lived consciously equipped to meet challenges experienced on the path of self-evolution.