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soulflight tuition is available as one-to-one sessions 
either in the clinic or online with individuals. 
Day workshops for groups can also be organized.

Soulflight or shamanic journeying is one of the earliest recorded spiritual practices that date back tens of thousands of years.

The fact that this method has not only survived, but today is so popular and going strong after all this time, shows the potency, effectiveness, and practicality of this technique.

Soulflight is a shamanic practice or method which is a joyful path to regaining the knowledge of how to bring our lives back into a place of harmony and balance.

It is used to find answers to personal questions, and receive healing to achieve well-being and bring real change into our lives.

From connecting with one’s ancestors and guides to regaining power, and soul retrieval, to dealing with unspoken issues in relationships, Soulflight is a beautiful experience.

You will find a way to work with the subconscious in a conscious manner to become empowered and resourceful.

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