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Inner Success For Business


Inner success is a set of practical techniques that help everyone from public speakers, performers, sales people to organizational managers. Through these simple yet very effective techniques one can attain a fuller resonant voice and greater personal charisma, thereby creating a greater impression and impact

Course participants will get to experience a secret of the East that will develop their sense of inner power. This is a foundation which helps one to communicate in a simple yet direct way. Participants will also be instructed how to develop this inner sense which helps ascertain the “Unspoken intent” of others.

The techniques assist with –

  • Negotiating
  • Public speaking
  • Pitches and presentations
  • Interaction with co-workers and clients

Inner Success draws upon the Eastern tradition of Hara, producing a clarity of presence, and mindfulness of thought and action. As an integral partof Eastern culture, it promotes health, wealth and inner stability. It has been for thousands of years, a well kept secret of martial arts, Zen and Taoist philosophy and healing practices of the Orient. In Eastern cultures “hara” is applied to everyday life, beyond martial arts, to help achieve and maintain success with ease.

Also introduced are the three types of awareness which when understood unlocks a personal wellspring of potential that is effective in gaining the edge over the opposition as well as a simple yet dynamic way of stress management. Western culture has over emphasized mental awareness, which is like trying to balance a pyramid on it’s apex, being easily toppled. With the techniques of Inner Success, a greater sense of wholeness and stability is gained and thus outer achievement is assured.

Through discussion and instruction of practical techniques, participants will be introduced to their true source of power.

By the end all participants will gain through direct experience what is held in the highest regard and sought by many Westerners who travel to the East seeking this state of awareness. Professional athletes often label this awareness as “in the zone”. Inner Success can be facilitated to groups in a workshop setting or can be accessed in one to one coaching.