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client testimonies

Feeling very grateful for my session with Darryl. For the first time in a very long time, I was able to feel my legs and most importantly relax. Not only suring the session but a long time afterwards as well. This for me has been huge since my stress levels are very high and I easily dissassociate. When I got home in the evening after my first session and went to bed I was surprised to experience a new kind of calmness, I laid in bed and could actually relax. I even searched my body to try and find my usual restlessness, but it was nowehere to be found! I don´t think I have slept so well in years! The next day was the same and the next…
The way Darryl worked made me feel supersafe and one among many things that I appriciated was how incredibly in tune he was with me and what I was experiencing. For me his way of working felt very soft but at the same time very powerful. His way of guiding really speaks to my heart! I feel very hopeful because I feel I have found something that actually works! I warmly recommend his sessions!
– V.H
So grateful for an Incredible Distance Healing Session today with Darryl.
I did not discuss my concerns, feelings or pains before the session commenced … Daryl went straight into doing his work. I instantly felt sensations and changes throughout my body during the silent treatment. There was a significant drop in my shoulders, relaxed where I had not noticed tightness – obviously I got used to it as normal !! Amazing strength in my weak legs. Feeling Grounded. A Real Issue for me not knowing if and where I belong. I haven’t felt secure, safe or connected for a long time…. Issues relating to my 3 base chakras – that various people identified and I have been working on myself to little affect. Overall Calmness and Balance throughout my body. More clarity and control of my emotions… Hours after our call I was Tested with issues that would normally trigger me. Darryl also shared simple techniques to use during difficult times and calm my emotional states. Clearer brighter Vision. More Detailed Visual Images * I’m Absolutely Gobsmacked *Highly Recommend a distance session with Darryl.
Jennifer . W
I highly recommend Darryl’s healing work to ANYONE and EVERYONE! Darryl has helped me on many levels. His work is deep and clear. He is totally dedicated to this work. Darryl helps us clear our past issues, and teaches us how to move forward with clarity and confidence. THANK YOU Darryl, for the magic you have helped me with in my healing.
Lesley M
In my times of darkness when I needed some advice and guidance, Darryl has been a pillar of strength for me. He has showed me coping mechanisms, and reminded me of the skills that I should utilize from what he has told me in the past. We have use Skype together he provided me healing and advise. Also he has offered various coping strategies which I found to be most helpful at the time in need. I would recommend this personally to anybody. He is highly skilled and very knowledgeable in his field. I am very lucky and grateful to know this person. Without his help and guidance I would not have taken the path I now choose to take. It’s all down to Darryl and I am eternally grateful for his help.
Sharon. D
United Kingdom
Seldom does one encounter someone as dedicated and genuinely interested in the well-being of others as Darryl. Deep and vast knowledge, powerful treatments and a good heart are distinct abilities that are all combined in Darryl which makes him a great and unique healer.
Stellan .A
All my life I haven’t felt 100% calm in my own body. I have tried medicines, therapy and worked in the spiritual life by myself, nothing worked that good that I got inner peace. But after a treatment with Darryl I got inner peace and more control over thoughts and emotions. I am now more self conscious and self loving. There is a lot to work on but I can see results just after a single treatment.
I’ve been suffering from a 3 year hip injury, which was alleviated after my remote session. Darryl knew what to say and how to guide my images and thoughts. I was able to see past the hurt to the origin of needs of my younger self. This released a lifetime of stress relief, anger and fear for me. They say that the hips are known to harness fair amounts of stress. I was walking painlessly 3 days after our session. My thoughts are much lighter, my angry reactions have softened and I’ve become more knowing and fearless. My brain is clear.
If you’re struggling with an issue, physical or emotional, I would really recommend booking some time with Darryl Guy. The work he did with me was outstanding; it really helped shift some deep issues. I’d definitely work with him again. He’s done a lot of training, and has integrated this learning into his life, into his being, so how he works is deeply authentic. He’s a very gifted healer, with great insight and compassion. He’s also relaxed and funny and chilled. I found him great to talk to and felt he was someone it’s easy to share your experiences with. Healers like Darryl are few and far between in my experience. Do take this chance to work directly with him.
– Ruth .E
United Kingdom
If you’re looking for results I can warmly recommend Darryl!
For a long long time I’ve been searching for that “something” that could stretch out these question marks about myself, my relationship issues and Life in general.
Even if I had several plant medicine ceremonies with Darryl before, it wasn’t until recently I had a session with him online. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting too much since many online sessions come out as pretty “soft” and not at all as deep as sessions IRL.
But I was taken by surprise of how profound his work really is! The safe space, his calm voice, his guidance and above all, his knowledge about the worlds and what’s in there, is amazing.
In that one session he lead me step by step to the core of my self worth and I haven’t cried so hard in years.
It was like meeting myself from another perspective, meeting both darkness and light at the same time. It was such heavy work but it unlocked “something”.
I’m still kinda amazed this could be done in a online session!
Now, almost a month later, I still feel strong and powerful and I’ve actually surprised myself the other day when I handled a familiar situation in a way I never done before. I was standing up for my standards! To me, that is the best sign that something has changed within.